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Welcome to Fresh Start Transformation! As an innovator in the online Wellness industry, we have the most advanced, comprehensive online health and fitness programs available. Our team of professionals includes Physicians, Nutritionists, Elite trainers, NFL Strength and Conditioning Coaches, and anatomy experts. Their expertise, along with the artistry of our graphics team and talented programmers, have created the first full service online health, fitness and nutrition program, offering everything you need to reach your health, fitness and weight-loss goals.  When you partner with Fresh Start Transformation it’s like having a full staff of wellness professionals working just for you!

Visualize Your Transformation

With Fresh Start Transformation we will help you create a model that best represents you now including your height, weight, body fat, measurements, body shape and the color of your skin.  With this information along with your goals, weekly commitment to exercise our system will show you what you will look like after consistently following your fitness and nutrition program with a completed transformation date!

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Personalized Nutrition-Meal Plans

Eating sensibly is the cornerstone of any successful health and fitness program, yet nutrition can be confusing! Let's face it:  sticking to a strict meal plan, counting calories, and creating dishes that leave you unsatisfied makes dedication nearly impossible. If you are not an expert, nutrition planning is a daunting task.  Fresh Start Transformation is here to make your planning a breeze. Simply select the spices, flavors, ethnicity and protein choices that you enjoy eating and we will do the rest! We'll create dynamic meal plans suited to your individual tastes and fitness goals, even including your organized shopping lists and detailed meal preparation instructions.  You will have the ability to exclude foods you don’t like and food allergies from your meal plan, as well selecting favorite meals so that they reoccur in your meal plan with the frequency you choose! If you don’t like the meal in your meal plan you can easily modify or replace it, selecting from thousands of meals and recipes based on spices, flavors, ethnicity and proteins you like to eat and last how long will it take to prepare this meal.
No need to worry about cooking every meal from scratch, Fresh Start Transformation will also guide you to select the best options while dining out. In the click of a button, our easy-to-use mobile platform gives you the nutrition answers you need!

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Personalized Fitness -Workouts

Exercise is the final element to ensure long-term health and fitness success. Finding an appropriate exercise routine for your skill level and abilities can be frustrating. Fresh Start Transformation offers unlimited options to ensure your motivation never wavers.

You'll select your current activity level and preferred work out location (home or gym), and Fresh Start Transformation programs provide you with detailed information on which exercise to perform, how many repetitions to do and which weights you should use. Don't be intimidated if you've never exercised, or consider yourself a beginner. Fresh Start Transformation has more than 3,000 short, instructional videos demonstrating and explaining every movement included in your personalized fitness plans! You've totally got this!

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Educational Tools | Fresh Start Nation

Educational Tools

As a Fresh Start Transformation client, you have everything you need to turn your fitness goals into reality! In addition to your Personalized Fitness and Nutrition plans, we include hundreds of health and fitness articles, informative videos, and easy-to-use assessment calculators, all easily accessed from your member portal.  Fresh Start Transformation is your one stop shop for Fitness and Nutritional success!

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Experts | Fresh Start Nation

Find Experts in Your Area

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Sometimes, the journey to better health and fitness is hard to do alone. If you would like to enlist the help of fitness professionals near you, Fresh Start Transformation has connections!  We have partnered with health experts, such as nutritionists and personal trainers who can give you the extra boost you need. Once you are a member, you can search our database for recommended professionals! All of our partners must adhere to Fresh Start Transformation's current guidelines and complete an initial qualification process. If you are a Health Expert and would like to learn more about an opportunity to create a virtual location with our amazing wellness tools. Find Your Expert