Success Stories

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Jana S.
Lost 104lbs and 35% body fat in 27 months!

“I have always dreamed as a little girl of this body and competing in a figure contest.  I spent years and years on fad diets, miracle pills and informercial exercise programs trying to become healthier and happy again.  My friends and family could not believe the transformation I achieved while being coached by my coach/personal trainer Mark Sullivan. Fresh Start Transformation taught me everything I needed to know about how to exercise safely with variety that kept me interested and asking for more as my body changed. They taught me about nutrition, foods to eat what not to eat and why!  Mark identified how much protein carbs and fats that needed in each meal!  Being able to actually visualize my goal body kept me extremely motivated. With every milestone achieved I trusted if I just put in the work I would get the result. I loved the different workouts and looked forward to my training. The meal plans kept it simple and were easy to follow. So, I decided to take it to another level and compete in my very first Figure Competition, and took 3rd place in the open division. I Love this program and everything it’s helped me accomplish. I know Fresh Start Transformation will forever be my personal trainer, meal planner and motivational tool.”

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Jim F.
"In just 90 Days I lost 1/2 of my bodyfat and gained 27lbs of muscle!"

“I was a runner and have always had nice legs but I never had much of an upperbody no matter how hard I tried.  My friend said I was just a "hard gainer"!  So literally the next day at the gym I heard about this program from another "hard gainer" at the gym.  I found this program right when I was about to give up again. When I created my 3D model it motivated me tremendously, it was shockingly identical to my body which made me feel this program has to work. From there, I found the nutrition and fitness tools were equally as amazing. Blown away with my results and never plateaued….Well, maybe that week during Christmas, ha. Now that I have accomplished my initial Fresh Start Transformation goal and now I’m continuing to build bigger arms!

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Karla F. 
Karla, WOW in just 90 days she transformed with her husband Jim above!!

Im so blessed to have found Mark who Personalized my Fitness and Nutrition Program after all my body was not like it was in my 20's. I tried countless weight loss programs from every diet to pill under the sun. I needed something convenient and that was available for my busy life being a good wife and lead by example being a nurse. Fresh Start Transformation was readily accessible because it is ONLINE, I could check in when it was convenient for my schedule, to log my workout and meals! It gave me all the tools needed to start my weight loss journey.

After starting with Fresh Start Transformation I soon realized I was not eating balanced meals before, I had some improper form for many exercises that I thought I was actually doing correct. The 3D tool was very motivational because it allowed me to visually see my body change as I started to lose weight. Every time I logged on I was visually reminded what Ill look like next month, if I just kept up with the program! Thank you Fresh Start Transformation and all the experts behind it! I am beyond happy that I am in the best shape of my life!!!

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Dennis P.
Lost 55 lbs and 30% body fat in just 90 days!

“At 47 years old I realized I needed a change in my life!  I was un-employed and was not successful in obtaining a job for the previous 4 months. I was so depressed, then I was inspired by my wife Colleen.  Colleen always believed in me and encouraged me as I was going through this chapter in life.  I began to look into getting in shape myself. Colleen found Fresh Start Transformation Online and was exactly what I needed. I needed to make this a lifestyle change not a temporary one. Honestly, nothing like this program! So easy to use, and the recipes were perfect for my lifestyle! I began Exercising and Hiking on a regular bases which soon I began seeing the changes at 6 weeks! I am so happy that I listened to my wife Colleen as well with the way I look and feel now!”

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Betsy S.
Lost 70lbs and 28% body fat in just 120 Days

“After having 3 kids, I struggled getting my pre-preganacy body back!" My husband was not supportive in helping me as I attempted to exercise he would not watch the kids nor stop buying junk food and eating it infront of me.  He did not have the conviction that I had about looking and feeling my best.. for me #1 and #2 my family so that I too could be happy and healthy when our kids were adults and their own kids.  I deeply just wanted to be a good example for my kids.  My husband returned from the Dr.'s appointment a few weeks later and learned that he was prediabetic, has high blood pressure (170/110) and was morbily obese!

We had let ourselves go for years and enough was enough, but every time we stepped foot into the gym we’d find myself instantly dreading it because we sould get bored doing the same exercises over and over, and frustrated trying to figure out what to do next.

We just needed some help not just from our doctor but with nutrition and fitness too. Problem was We didn’t know of any nutritionist and all of the Trainers at my gym seemed to just want to socialize with their clients. My doctor suggested checking out Fresh Start Transformation who recently joined the program. The site exceeded expectations we were looking for. Everything was there to guide us and keep us away from getting easily bored with our workouts. The visual motivation was huge bonus too. My husband visited the doc recently and what a difference in his blood sugar (He no longer has to take oral insulin and his blood pressure is now (120/80)!!  My husband lost nearly 150lbs, its like I have my husband of my youth back!!  My blood work was much improved too.  All my friends are jealous because I look like I have lost 10 years in age they say! I actually weigh less than I did in high school. I have honestly never felt better in my life.”

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Andy P.
Lost 25lbs and 15% body fat in 8 weeks!

“I knew nothing about eating healthy or working out. I tried several exercise programs but none of them got the job done. So, I decided to figure it out on my own and I’m very happy I found the Fresh Start Transformation program. Really interesting and motivating to visually see what my transformation will look like before starting the program. Fresh Start Transformation taught me everything about living a healthy lifestyle. I actually feel like an expert myself now.”

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Lost 35lbs and 12% body fat in 90 days!

“I never want to forget what it feels like to be fat: out of breath, no energy, motivation ,joints hurt, difficulty leaning over to pick up my grandchildren, not wanting to leave the house. That’s all behind me now thanks to Fresh Start Transformation Really liked how the program help me gradually work me into my new lifestyle which I realize now I really needed. My energy has returned. My expectation was to feel better and I do! What I didn’t expect was how much energy I have now! I love to spend time with my grandchildren and now I have the energy to spend the entire day with them at the zoo without exhausting me. My life has been transformed.  Thank you to the Fitness Experts for giving me a Fresh Start”

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Maxine C.
Lost 95 lbs  while adding 18 lbs of muscle in 6 months!

“I simply lost control of my health over the past several years. I was always active as a kid and for years after college basketball until I had job change and moved to a new area in my late 30's.   My new job was an intensive desk job that required 50 hours a week more weeks than not!  I was recommended to check out Fresh Start Transformation through our one of my friends at church who seemed worried about my unhealthy habits. I've known her for years and remember last year when she lost a tremendous amount of weight and yes she still looking just as good now!  She obviously had great results with the program so I decided to take her advice, I am so glad I did.  Fresh Start Transformation not only had all the functionality I needed to get back in rhythm again, but the consistent results that kept us motivated.  My stress and blood pressure dropped dramatically which my Doctor was very impressed to see, and my wife is feels and looks amazing! Thanks Fresh Start Transformation for all the accountability and expert help.”

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